Sunday, August 2, 2015

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter
         Black lives Shattered, Black morals scattered. The value of our lives doesn’t make sense so a change for a dollar isn’t spent. It is a genocide of our people as well as self inflicted wounds so it is lethal injections of hatred, police brutality Michael Brown.

           Eric Gardner cried “I can’t breathe” as they wrestled him to the ground! Walking down the streets while minding his own Trayvon Martin was killed that night he did not make it home- this is the same ole song, Jordan Davis was maliciously shot for playing his  music too loud. Nine innocent lives in South Carolina while praising God, was viciously gunned down. Why is it that we only make up about 14 percent of America’s population while more than 50 percent of young Black males are losing their lives to incarcerations with no education.

           “What a devastation!” This nation is supposed to be the land of the free. Yet death and prison seem to be the only “just us” for you and me. Martin Luther King had a dream. Yet I doubt if he saw his vision becoming a night mare. It doesn’t take a genius to see that justice has become deaf, blind and ignorant. ”Something isn’t right here!” Tamir Rice was shot and killed for playin with a fake gun just having fun. Derrick Williams pleaded for his life while in the back of a police car. His cries was taken as a joke his hope to live evaporated like smoke. Ramero Kidd, Dontae Hamilton,Mike Bell, Bo Morris, Tony Robinson and countless others who died for being Black. Lives that were taken we can never get them back. Will we ever win? It seems like we’re constantly under attack. The way we are killing and hating each other you would think that we are not proud to be black. Although the confederate flag has come down there is still a confederation of the heart. Racism is a prison of darkness to see no color is an art; formed by God in the minds of his people. Yet we are still being killed and the equation is subtraction –minus black lives being equal. There is no multiplication-just division amongst our own people.

       Demonstrations and rallies as many gather against this evil. Will black lives be worth more than a 60 second commercial on TV? Or will we forever be judged by the pigment or our divine beings? Every time you turn on the news the depiction of black images are severely bruised and battered. When will it come a day that BLACK LIVES REALLY MATTER?

Echo Devon
Tyrone D Munson 356816
GBCI , PO Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307

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