Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Congratulations Graduate!!

Congratulations, you graduated/ but no one will call your name. No there will be no roll call. "There will Be no acceptance speech!" You did not make the deans list. You just simply graduated. Sad though, no mother, no father, no sister, or no brother. No one to cheer your name, what for? No one came to honor you, Congratulations, for your Graduation.
"Who do you think you are?"
To receive such a prestigious award. You only survived a house hold of trauma. There is no blue ribbon because your father left you at an early age. You don't get a courageous of the year award trophy, because you survived the family secret, and your mother's shame. That at the hands of someone you trusted. They did awful things to you. "Ha" you think it noble, there is no B.A./ there is no Master's Degree.

No your degrees are third degree burns, that run from your face to your torso. From hot greases being thrown on you because your mother say; every time she looks at you she sees your father. A mathematician, never saw that in your future. Besides, you are too damn stupid for that, at least this is what everyone is telling you. Do you want to be a mathematician? Well solve this problem. One mother on crack, plus a father who is not even a part of your life which really is a minus. Divided by drugs, alcohol, and dropping out of school. Equals committing a crime, ending up in prison, or dead.

Yeah "Congratulations" as you look into the mirror. You have come to hate him that stares back at you. Because now you believe everything people said about you. You're ugly, you will never amount to anything, and that you were a mistake. No you shouldn't have low self-esteem. Suck it up, didn't they tell you real men aren't suppose to cry. But this boy who is only 11 years old says to himself, I am not a man. Though indeed he is a man, however the only thing he can remember was when he was this boy. Now at the age of 33 he is still stuck at 11.

Congratulations on your Graduation.
For this time you have made a stand, from being powerless to powerful. You are honored for your silent courage. You are praised for your resilience. Not backing down from when life smacked you around. Congratulations because you Graduated from a school that had no dreams, the teachers have all failed you but you'passed- Not because of some book that told you this. Or you telt that you needed validation from someone else. Not even some papers acknowledging mere accomplishments, not even this seem to suffice.
No Congratulations you Graduated, because you chose not to stay in a box, you did not make excuses. You chose not to allow your past to say who you are in the present. So I think I should Congratulate you on your Graduation, there is no need for a cap and gown, please be proud of who you've become. Hold your head up and stand tall, yeah that's it now smile for the camera. You made it. Not how others think you should have but you made it......"Congratulations on your Graduation......

This is for anyone who have went through anything in your life. I want you to understand that you have graduated from a school of life. If you are in your right mind. I think you should be proud of yourself. Not for the many bad things that happen to you, but for making it this far. It counts for something Congratulations.

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