Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Poems/Statements

(The New reality)

I was born out of my mother's womb, on January 26, 1980.

Shortly thereafter, I was adopted by a different family. This was a family of a different race, a family of a whole different creed. This new family I was adopted by, treats me worse than a red headed step child(as they would say).

Our parents never reward us for the many tries. We are always punished though if we do wrong. My brother's,(All boys because this family has no girls)are all different in many ways. We all come from the same mother of bad choices and wrong decisions. We rarely talk about mother, because sometimes it seems to painful to face. If we do talk about mother, it tends to have a negative effect on us. Leaving us angry, bitter, sad, and depressed. Mainly because, if we had listened to our real parents, We wouldn't have to face the ugly truths of our other mother. Bad choices and wrong decisions.

What can I say, my family is so dysfunctional. On top of this we all have major issues, some of my brother's are killers. many of my brothers sold drugs, a lot of them raped women, robbed there own birth mothers, smoked dope, drinked liquor and stole things."You name it we did it"! Like I said we all are alike in some ways. We all have taken something. We all have stole something or something have been stolen from us. Any way it goes we are here, The sad part about is, alot of us did not have our birth fathers. So now we are forced into a situation where we have to listen to our new parents.

There names are Mr. and Mrs. Correctional Officer.

We have to listen to everything they say. If not, we will be punished. Or they will send us to our uncle's and aunt's house. There names are the white Shirt family. Mr. and Mrs. Captain, or Lieutenant. Last and surely least, we have the grand of daddies. The Warden, he doesn't do anything but hand out orders. To be honest I dislike this family. But the truth is, without them as a whole. Everyone, I wouldn't have seen my worth. Because of my brother's(some of them)and there unwillingness to change. It gives me all the more hope to change. Because I refuse to remain the same. Because of the Go's/White Shirt's and the Warden. I strive even harder, they propel me to become a better man. Because honestly they don't give a care if I do or not.

Like I said this whole family is dysfunctional. Everybody has there issues, but your best bet is to work on them while you can. Because there is so much hatred in this family, they will kick you out of the house(prison)
with nothing, no tool's to utilize on the street's. So use this opportunity to get better. Then you will get
out and be with the ones who really loves you.. If not......Just as I am, you will be a part of this

family until to die. Unless by the power of God something changes....... THINK ABOUT IT.

Why should I cry didn't nobody hurt me.When my father died.I didn't feel that he deserted me.There is no way I could shed any tears,for seeing my mother being abused and using drugs for many years.Waking up in the middle of the night wishing tne pain would go away.Praying that someone could help us,I begin to feel like a through away.My feelings wasn't hurt,when others treated me like dirt.Wearing my heart on my sleeve leaving it exposed,so it was easy to make me bleed.In agony a child was conceived,but at that moment I only cried to breath.Besides I was always told ,that real men don't suppose to cry. Suck it up,keep going,hold it all inside. This crazy part for me though I was just a kid. Who suffered a great deal of misfortune at the hands of what my parents did.

"Shut up boy" for I give you something to cry for.Would be the words I hear after getting beat with extension cords.As welts appeared on my body,I begin to question what to live for.l want to cry out but I'm afraid because I don't want to lose my inner pride.Crying makes me soft,and 1 always want to appear strong.I don't want anyone to know that deep down inside I'm fighting to hold on.I love my daughter so much.That at night I cry myself to sleep.But I will not tell anyone, then you'll think I'm weak.Sentence a teenager to life in prison he won't even feel it. He didn't feel the pain he caused,he just kept on living.

Should I cry if a person die I really cared about? For all the tears I held in for years man just let it out! I'm tired of hurting can there just be one day I can go and feel relief? Or will I be forever haunted for the life I lived on the streets,As I touched my face a stream of water begin to run down my cheek. In my mind I've crossed that line hoping no one can see me.When I look back on everything in my life, I started to notice a lie.The lie was this,what I truly missed."Real men are not afraid to cry!"By: Echo Devon.

Product Of Environment
An adolescent bombarded by the disposition of his environmental control.A absentee father so in dissipation he spirals out of control. A transference from the umbilical cord.The child consumes in the womb what the mother experience in life.From love, hate, fear, drugs, or abuse of alcohol. To violence, depression, bitterness, or rage the fetus can feel it all.

When the child is conceived how precious is he, a new addition, to a broken family. But little do he know, that before he even grow he has been infected with an unstable mentality. So when the time comes for him to transform, that boy into a man. The stifling of his emotions kill any chance that he will have in life to ever advance. Not fully understanding this metamorphosis, he immediately internalize. That which his mother embodied the negative forces, hate, fear and constant lies.

The father isn't there to cultivate, or properly inform this man-child. So the things he is now experiencing is self-destruction in
form of acting out. Frora unsafe sex, selling drugs, smoking weed drinking and staying out all night. To robbing people, having shoot outs, even organizing neighborhood gang fights. The list can go on, because the true identity of this man child has been stripped away.

Self-hatred, low self-esteem, no self-concept or structure to build a foundation. So the school of the streets taught him selfishness, self preservation, get what you can get by all means, even if that meant by annihilation.What a devastation, for a man-child to be lags than what God created. Not because he chose this road, but it is evident that past mistakes made it.

No wonder he grows to kill, lie, rob, rape, commit suicide, or end up behind bars. Because there was no way he could escape, it was
already injected into his heart. The only way this cycle can be broke is going back to where it was birth. Then replacing the falsehood that was taugnt. With the truth to his already damaged self-worth. Acceptance is essential, but forgiveness is key. To unlocking the mystery, a lost product of society.,...
BY: Tyrone Munson
B.K.A Echo Devon

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